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Profit Details

We know your organization needs financial assistance. What other reason would you have for doing a fundraiser, right? That’s why we’ve priced all of our flower bulb packages at prices low enough to make them easy to sell and still return a 50% profit on every sale!

We’ve also made this fundraising program as easy and straightforward as possible, designing it with you, the Fundraising Chairperson in mind. Instead of submitting your orders and then waiting weeks for our company to send your organization the money it earned, you keep the 50% right away! The only money that will ever be passed between us and your organization is half of the total sales to pay for the bulbs. It’s that simple!

Program Benefits

  • Unique and appealing “green” products for your supporters!
  • Keep 50% of the “green” collected from EVERY sale!
  • 100% Grow Green Guarantee on all products!
  • Endorsed by the Mailorder Gardening Association!
  • Helps your organization grow!
  • Reminds your supporters of your organization every spring when the bulbs grow and bloom!