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Spring Fundraising Program

Growing Green currently has three program seasons available: Holiday, Spring and Fall. The Holiday Program consists of indoor growing Amaryllis & Paperwhite bulbs kits while the Fall Fundraising Program consists of bulbs to be planted in the fall season, and the Spring Fundraising Program consists of bulbs to be planted in the spring season. All seasons can be sold at anytime, even months in advance of the shipping date. It is simply important when doing so to communicate with your supporters that their products will be arriving at the proper time for planting during the correct season. To discuss running your program as a ‘presale’, please contact one of our fundraising experts.

Selling Dates

Holiday Program: September – November
Spring Program: mid-October – Early May
Fall Program: early May – mid-October

Product Shipping Dates

Holiday Program: December
Spring Program: early April – mid-May
Fall Program: mid-September – late October

the president red canna sarah bernhardt pink peony Autumn Red Daylily blue boy tall phlox
The President Red Cannas Sarah Bernhardt Pink Peony Autumn Red Daylily Blue Boy Tall Phlox
3 Bulbs for $10 1 Plant for $10 1 Plant for $10 1 Plant for $10
earn $5 earn $5 earn $5 earn $5
stargazer oriental lilies Butterfly Weed Peruvian Daffodil Blue Angel Hosta
Stargazer Oriental Lilies Butterfly Weed Peruvian Daffodil Blue Angel Hosta
3 Bulbs for $10 3 Plants for $15 1 Bulb for $10 1 Plant for $10
earn $5 earn $5 earn $5 earn $7.50
giant elephant ear oriental lilies mixture mixed unwin dahlias pink bleeding hearts
Giant Elephant Ear Oriental Lilies Mixture Mixed Pom Pon Dahlias Pink Bleeding Hearts
1 Bulb for $15 5 Bulbs for $15 5 Bulbs for $18 2 Plants for $15
earn $7.50 earn $7.50 earn $7.50 earn $7.50
Perennial Butterfly Garden Collection