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3 Simple Ways to Fundraise

Face to Face Fundraiser

with our full color brochure

A traditional face to face fundraiser means you’ll utilize the full-color brochure to personally sell to neighbors, family and friends. Participants will collect money in person.

Online Fundraiser

with a personalized website

A modern online fundraiser allows you to sell to a wider group of people by utilizing email and social media. Money will be collected online when orders are placed.

Hybrid Fundraiser

combination of face-to-face and online

A hybrid fundraiser allows participants to sell face to face, plus set up an online fundraiser to reach those who may not live close by. Money will be collected online and in person.

Ready to Start Your Online Fundraiser or Hybrid Fundraiser?

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Full Color Brochure

brochureiconWe will send you all the resources to make your fundraiser a growing success. Each participant will have a full-color brochure provided to them for face-to-face fundraising to neighbors, family, and friends.  As a coordinator you’ll collect all your participants orders and submit a master order form to us.

Once the master order is submitted, we will ship all bulbs to one location for distribution. Then, your participants can deliver the bulbs to their supporters. Your participants will be able to personally thank their supporters and provide updates about your organization. Fundraising with a personal touch!

Fundraising Website

websiteiconNo need to send your team door to door, we will help you setup your very own personalized Fundraising Website, with your name and custom message to promote your cause.

Next, all you need to do is promote your Website to as many people as possible. Send an email to all of your supporters and share the link; put the link on your group’s website or Facebook page.

Encourage supporters to share the Website using social media with Facebook and Twitter buttons. As the word spreads the orders will increase and more money will be raised. Orders will be directly shipped to your supporters. Fundraising has never been simpler!